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Nina Bjornstal

Canyon Creek Elementary School9

Bothell, WA | Snohomish County


November 25, 2014

Canyon Creek is a great school to place your child in. I was a student their for five years and absolutely loved it there! The staff is kind, and the teachers really care about our learning. I have no bad things to say. I highly recommend it if you are moving to the Bothell area. I wish I never left!

May 16, 2013

My child attends First Grade at Canyon Creek Elementary. The only time the class teacher has spent time reading with my kid was when she is grading. On most occasions, the reading classes are conducted by parents and grandparents. I am hoping to take this into account when Northshore School District asks me to vote for the MASSIVE tax levy that is up for vote in early 2014.

Submitted by a parent

May 13, 2013

Run from the state of WA. Great Schools website has been a complete disappointment by not having up to date information. WA will just start to implement Common Core in the next 2 years. NSD is over over crowded. Canyon Creek Fernwood and Kokanee are all at 800 kids expected in the next year, which means your Kindergartener and probably 1st grader will be bused elsewhere in the district. And they want a new high school to correct this problem. Canyon Creek has a library where the computers are not turned on for the kids to use, the computers are not used in the classrooms because there are too many kids with too many discipline issues and academics are redundant and low level for most kids. Run from NSD and the state of WA.

Submitted by a parent

May 5, 2013

I totally agree with the most recent post. The school is very crowded and the curriculum is too easy. We have two children they and both complain they are doing the same things they have already done. When I drop off and pick up, I feel overwhelmed due to the mass of kids running around and the chaos. I can only imagine how my kids feel. I am not impressed at all by the WA schools.

Submitted by a parent

May 4, 2013

My boys attended this school for 4 years and I'm so glad we moved out of state and left this school. Very overcrowded! Had up to 780 students when we left! The staff is worn out and the curriculum is so pathetic and easy. My kids are finally being challenged at their new school. I do have to say one positive thing is that the music teachers and PE teachers are great!

Submitted by a parent

October 9, 2012

Very crowded school. Since school started, I have been trying to get time to discuss some specific needs of my child with the class teacher. The class teacher has been unresponsive even after many attempts.

Submitted by a parent

September 27, 2012

My family has been part of hte Canyon Creek Community for 7 years now and I have been a active parent in the school. The parent involvement/PTA is strong at the school and they have done many things for the school(new playground equip, microscopes and many fund-raising functions and events for the kids). Melissa Ford is an amazing teacher who is great with the students and quite relaxed unless there is a need. Barbara Pope is a strong teacher who teaches 2nd grade, provides a strong foundation for the students and participates in many school activities such as Coyote Scholars(students tutoring program), Student Council and Track. We are fortunate to have both of these ladies teaching at Canyon Creek along with many other wonderful faculity members. Personally, I have done alot in my life to stay grounded at this school for the teachers that have been here.

Submitted by a parent

September 18, 2012

In my sons 5th grade year, he was humiliated by his teacher in front of his peers to the point of him begging me to homeschool him, which I did after talking to the principal and reporting it to the super! That teacher took his science project and held it up in front of the class and said This is what not to do! I have never seen him so upset. All it takes is one parent to stand up to these types of things. Parents need to speak out! I think I heard that teacher no longer teaches there. Hopefully that is true. Parents, always ask your kid how their day was and what happened. It's so important in todays schools! I homeschooled my son for the following three years and he is now a freshman at Skyview. I have a child in kindergarten at Canyon Creek now and so far, I really like her teacher. He is amazing. But I still ask her every day how school was and I will the rest of the time she is there.

Submitted by a parent

April 12, 2012

I am shocked by some of these reviews. My son has been at Canyon Creek since 1st grade, he is in 5th now and we have had nothing but great luck with the teachers....I have never met more kind, enthusiastic and committed people. Including and especially the teachers one of the parents mentions. My son had both, and I cant say enough good about these teachers. Canyon Creek is an excellent school with excellent teachers....more parent involvement would make it even better!

Submitted by a parent

February 7, 2012

My son had a terrible experience during 5th grade. He said that a teacher (who wasn't even his own teacher) named Mrs. Ford was intimidating his for no apparent reason, and threatened for practically no reason at all. I am not sure if she still teaches at the school, but hopefully she is gone. As a last note, avoid placing your child in Mrs. Pope's class.

Submitted by a parent

January 26, 2012

My son is a 4th-grader at Canyon Creek. Last year he also had a bullying teacher. We talked to the principal but guess what, the principal took the teacher's side. He said he sat in my son's class and he didn't see the teacher bully any student. Does he think that the teacher is going to bully the students in front of him? As a result of that, my son's confidence was totally destroyed and had repeatedly asked me to home-school him. However, this year he has a wonderful teacher who is very loving and patient with her students. My son's confidence has been restored and he is a much happier person now.

Submitted by a parent

November 7, 2011

Tried to work with teachers and principal, but weren't able to correct some major issues with two bullying teachers at this school.

Submitted by a parent

November 3, 2011

My kid started at Kindergarten level, and we find this school needs some major improvement: (1) Like some other parents have pointed out, the Math and Science teaching needs to be challenging. For science they taught how to drop menthol tablets into coke and create fizz rocket. Remember, this was taught to kindergarten kids. (2) While in the playground, my kid felt sick and was asked to walk to the nurse's office, all alone! This happened within 4 weeks after joining the school and we would expect the school to implement safety procedures to prevent new kids from walking around unsupervised, especially when they are in kindergarten level. (3) The nurse seemed to ask some odd questions to our kid, and we are in the process of investigate the details. (4) We were surprised to learn that the classes are segregated at various levels. One class has predominance of boys (18 boys, 6 girls) and other has more girls. Whatever happened to maintaining ratio that reflects society?

Submitted by a parent

January 26, 2010

Canyon Creek is incredible; i am a parent and volunteer in many different fields of the school, and am just amazed at how much each and every teacher, staff member, and principal care, nuture, and set high standards for the students - our children. The kids get excited to go to school, and we are so impressed at how much they learn....not only academics, but also in the arts,music, physical education and technology...my kids are building robots from scratch, learning math by real application, aquiring organization and detailed reseach skills, my sixth grader is even writing her own resune! AWESOME!

Submitted by a parent

October 28, 2007

Canyon Creek's academic standard is not high enough. The teachers are highly qualified but they don't challenge the students enough. Level of parent involvement is low. However, they do have quality music programs to offer. School playground needs to be improved to make it safer for the students.

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